Year Circa 1900
Size 12 x 21 in (Framed 18 x 27 in)
Medium Oil on Canvas
Artist Antonio Sánchez Araujo

Antonio Sánchez Araujo

Was a Cuban costumbrista painter, during the early years of the Cuban republic. His paintings have been admired for their strong colorful and definite techniques. He was born in Santa LucĂ­a, Oriente Province, in 1887. He formally started his drawing and painting studies at that institution located in Havana, Cuba.
He was the Director of the Free School of Fine Arts from 1926 to 1929 and also Professor occupying the Chair of Drawing of the Old Greek (Section Night), which held until the date of his death at the National Academy of San Alejandro Fine Arts 1926. His work was, preferably, landscapes and portraits, as well as works of art popular appeal.The artist died in Havana on August 13, 1946.