Retrato de Eloisa Carbonell de Sobrino

Year 1954
Size Size: 44.3/4 x 35 5/8 in
Medium Oil on canvas, signed
Artist Carlos Sobrino

Carlos Sobrino

1909 - 1975). Cuban Artist studied at the Villate School, and at the San Alejandro Academy. He showed numerous exhibits of his work, including in 1932 at the Lyceum and Lawn Tennis Club in Havana. He participated at the Fine Arts Salon of Havana. His work was showed in countries such as the United States and France. He was a painter, but also a sculptor and ceramic artist. Carlos Sobrino received a gold medal in the 1954 Hispanic-American Biennial. He also received the 1957 National Painting Award at the Fine Arts Palace in Havana. His works Rural Peasant Concentration received the National Painting Award in 1959 and the National Fine Arts Museum in Havana acquired it for their collection. He went into exile in 1969 and died in Madrid Spain.